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My Inbox Has Turned Pink … and I’m Loving It

Amy Pickwick and Jennifer Campbell

Amy Pickwick (blogger, left) with friend Jennifer Campbell (right)

Less than two months ago, one of my best friends succumbed to breast cancer. Jennifer Campbell battled it like no one I know ever could…with a smile on her face.  When diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer three and a half years ago, she still managed to find the positive in everything, even though her struggle got a little worse every day.  She passed at just 32 years old, after starting the fight at 25.  (I’m trying to be careful and not say “lost her battle,” because anyone that could wear a smile on her face through it all like she could…did not lose at the game of life).  Metstatic Breast Cancer is an often forgotten breast cancer.  This is the terminal, Stage IV, breast cancer, that often is driven by hormones.  Metastatic means the cancer has hopped from the breasts to any number of host sites in the body, most often: the bone, lymph nodes, lungs, brain, and liver.  Jen had MBC in all of these places, except brain (which she, like other MBC victims fear the most), with ultimately the liver not being able to fight it off.  And, yes, young women can get it too.

There are many cancers out there, I know.  Many great causes for awareness, research, and financial support too.  But, no one, especially with a spirit like my friend Jen should have to leave this Earth way too soon.  It’s irreversible.  She is now forever in the hearts of many.

Jennifer is one of the many young breast cancer stories out there.  But, this one is close to home for those of us in HoCo, because up until the diagnosis…she was an independent thriving dental hygienist at Dr. Becker’s office in Ellicott City, she lived off of Guilford Road in Owen Brown, and was a busy-body in several local Meetup.com groups, like Columbia-Dogs-on-the-Go, Charm City Social Club, and 20s and 30s Baltimore Nightlife Group, and non-Meetup group, Maryland Outdoor Club.  Her dogs, Shadow and Chloe, even have their photo hanging at the nearby Pub Dog on Dobbin Road.  I make sure to say a prayer every time I walk by that photo now.

October has become widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My email inbox is flooded with all these great ways to help women living with breast cancer and to help researchers determine the cause and stop BC from ever happening in the first place.  Some of the great lesser known fundraisers and awareness events that I’ve seen so far:

A friend of mine pointed out that the White House and London both “turned pink” for October too.  And, anyone driving by fire houses in Howard County have probably seen this as well.

How I’m helping this month:

I may be doing a lot of different things this month, because it’s my outlet to keep Jen’s spirit alive, but really even the smallest things add up.  And, I’m telling you about it, to show you the many different ways there are to help out.  I’m curious to hear in what way, you, your business are helping raise awareness or funds for research.  Or, how having met Jen has changed your life for the better.  Please add your comments below.

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  1. Lauren Muskauski 4 October 2012 at 12:10 pm Permalink

    What great ways to keep Jen’s memory alive and raise awareness about a cause that effects so many.

    We look forward to seeing you at Wegmans on November 12.

    Lauren Muskauski
    Marketing Specialist
    Saint Agnes Hospital

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